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From gymnasts to gymnasts

Before Slonny’s new product goes on sale, our gymnasts, big and small, test its suitability in the gym. Feedback from the girls determines whether the product has a place in the Slonny collection. Slonny garments are predominantly longer, with a slip-on “body-hugging” cut. This ensures your clothes don’t ride up or down during exercise and your body is always properly covered.


All Slonny clothing and accessories are made only from high quality, durable and comfortable materials.

Beautiful Austrian made rhinestones  are used on several Slonny products.. The crystal embellishments on Slonny products are manufactured to our designs in Austrian factories.

Viscose is one of our most popular materials. The material is comfortable to wear, durable, very elastic and has a smooth surface. Fabric weight 270 g/m2, fibre content 93% viscose – 7% elastane. This fabric is used to make the popular Slonny shirts and pullovers.

Nylon is a fabric made for gymnasts – comfortable, with excellent stretch and durability. Nylon is used to make Slonny trousers, sweaters and jerseys. Smooth surface, weight: 273 g/m2, fibre content: 92% nylon – 8% elastane.

Supplex is a thicker, stretchy and durable fabric. Trousers made from this material will keep your body nicely trim. Supplex fabric weighs 330 g/m2 and contains 88% Supplex and 12% elastane.

Slonny club dresses, shorts and ball gowns are made of velvet. It’s a truly regal material – thicker, shinier and presentable. Our velvet fabric is stretchy – contains 90% nylon and 10% elastane.

We use Lycra to produce Slonny ring bags. It is a thicker, silky material that stretches well in cheerful colours.

Measurement table

Sizes in numbers indicate the wearer’s body length (cm), sizes in letters correspond to sizes normally used for sports clothing. The size chart shows the approximate measurements corresponding to the sizes of the clothes sold in Slonny epoes. The majority of Slonny’s garments have a slip-on “to the body” cut.


Slonny measure 104 110 116 122 128 134 140 146
Chest circumference(cm) 55-57 56-58 57-59 58-62 61-65 64-68 67-71 70-74
Waist circumference (cm) 52-54 53-55 54-56 55-58 57-59 58-61 60-62 61-64
Hip circumference (cm) 57-60 59-62 61-64 63-67 66-70 69-73 72-76 75-79


Slonny measure 152 158 164 XS S M L XL
Chest circumference(cm) 73-75 74-77 76-78 76-80 79-82 81-88 87-94 93-100
Waist circumference (cm) 63-65 64-66 65-68 60-62 61-65 64-70 69-76 75-82
Hip circumference (cm) 78-80 79-81 80-84 83-87 86-91 90-96 95-102 101-108

Sizes in numbers indicate the wearer’s body length (cm), sizes in letters correspond to sizes normally used for sports clothing.

Body length is measured without shoes, from head to toe.

Chest circumference is measured from the highest point around the chest.

Waist circumference is measured from the narrowest part of the waist around the body.

Hip circumference is measured from the widest part of the hip around the body.

Hoop bags

S: 60-70cm M: 70-80cm L: 80-90cm

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