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Numeric sizes indicate the wearer’s Body height (cm), while sizes in letters correspond to regularly used sizing for sports apparel. 

Body height is measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, footwear not included.

Chest circumference is measured at the widest point around the chest.

Waist circumference is measured at the narrowest point around the waist.

Hip circumference is measured at the widest point around the hips.

The sizing chart indicates approximate measurements corresponding to the sizing of clothing items available in the Slonny e-shop. Most Slonny apparel has a slim, close-to-the-body fit.

Hoop Covers Sizing

S: 60-70cm M: 70-80cm L: 80-90cm

Wearing a wrong size (too small) can break the product. If you have any questions about choosing the right size, please contact our customer service in advance and we will help you to get it right.


Slonny measure104110116122128134140146
Chest circumference(cm)55-5756-5857-5958-6261-6564-6867-7170-74
Waist circumference (cm)52-5453-5554-5655-5857-5958-6160-6261-64
Hip circumference (cm)57-6059-6261-6463-6766-7069-7372-7675-79


Slonny measure152158164XSSMLXL
Chest circumference(cm)73-7574-7776-7876-8079-8281-8887-9493-100
Waist circumference (cm)63-6564-6665-6860-6261-6564-7069-7675-82
Hip circumference (cm)78-8079-8180-8483-8786-9190-9695-102101-108


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